Nomé is a multi faceted rapper, singer and songwriter. His music anchors in several sonic waters, including hip-hop, soul and R&B sounds into an unbalanced blend. He draws inspiration from artists like Royce da 5’9″, Mereba, Saba and Mick Jenkins. His solo releases since 2021 internalize love, mental health and social conventions.
Born in Berlin in 1997, Nomé grew up as the son of a U.S. American mother and a Gambian father. Due to his origin he was confronted with questions of identity and belonging as a child, thus tending towards an increasingly socially critical position.
With artists like Michael Jackson, Canibus and 2Pac as early influences Nomé has deeply rooted ties to the genres he tries to live out today. After beginning to write lyrics at the age of 16, he expressed himself behind a microphone firstly as the lead singer of the
Berlin indie band Prismala. Shortly thereafter Nomé began working with the Berlin producer Johdi, which later led to his involvement in the rap collective Stockdale. It was also during this time that the first ideas for his debut project Lofty emerged. In summer of 2020 he met the Berlin drummer and producer jakohitsdifferent, with whom he is planning his next project.
With his music, Nomé wishes to capture and reflect emotions. To present the audience with ideas and feelings that seem familiar but come from an alternate perspective.
He wants to inspire empathy and shake the norms that tell us who we have to be, how we have to be.
and what is considered „normal“ .